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the world?

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What would happen if 7 billion people all meditated?
Could it shift the trajectory of our planet?

Created as part of an epic global vision to usher humanity into a new era, THE PORTAL is an immersive, cinematic experience that answers the question: How can we really change the world?

A genre-defining approach to personal change—with global implications—THE PORTAL follows six people (and a robot) who transform their lives using stillness and mindfulness, providing inspiration as we embark on the next phase of evolution. Supported by insights from three of the world’s foremost futurists, this experiential project takes the viewer on their own mindfulness journey through a tapestry of technology, love, existentialism, human potential, brain hacking, stillness and inner peace.

Features: Amandine Roche, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Mikey Siegel, Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Heather Hennessy, Ron ‘Booda’ Taylor, Due Quach, James R Doty MD, Ronnie Cahana.

Is an enlightened planet possible? Enter THE PORTAL and see.

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